When you’re not able to be mobile, your skin is vulnerable to damage and bedsores. And trust us, you don’t want painful bedsores.

At Bigelow Surgical, we’ll help you alleviate friction and reduce the stress to your skin with New York City’s largest range of pressure sore care and prevention products; including:

  • Barrier Ointments
  • Moisturizing Body Cream
  • Convoluted Cushions
  • Alternating Pressure Pads
  • Sheepskin Pads
  • Roho Cushions

And of course, we offer only the best of the best brands, such as Mabis/DMI, Roho, Essential, Hermell, Posey and Graham Field Aquatherm.

Whether you’re coming to our welcoming second-floor store or sending a loved one to get the items you need, you can be assured our specialists will be there ready to help. With over 50 years combined experience, they’ll even offer a couple of old-fashioned home remedies, like changing positions and putting powder on your bed sheets.