At Bigelow Surgical, we’ve got what you need to keep your cast and wounds dry while you’re taking a bath or going for a swim.

From bandage protectors to cast covers, we’ve got you covered with New York City’s finest solutions, like:

  • Seal Tight Cast Covers
  • Dry Pro Vacuum Sealed Cast Covers
  • Airtight Protectors
  • Adhesive Waterproof Dressings

With some of the best brands, such as Sealtight, AquaGuard, Tegaderm and DryPro—the swimming cast cover formally known as Xerosox—, you’ll be able to splash in the water in no time.

And as always, our friendly specialists will help you find exactly what you need. They’ll even show you how to properly protect your wound or cast—all in our inviting, happy atmosphere.