Well, at Bigelow Surgical, we just happen to have a whole lot of cushions and orthopedic pillows to alleviate all your aches and pains.

Whether you’re needing extra support, something to relieve your pain or looking to be a bit more comfortable, we’ve got the best selection in NYC, including:

  • Lumbar Cushions
  • Cervical Pillows
  • Coccyx Cushions
  • Inflatable Travel Pillows
  • Donut Cushions
  • Wheelchair Cushions
  • Bed Wedges
  • Leg Wedges

With some of the best brands in the business, like Roloke, Hermell, Jobri, Essential, Mabis/DMI, Corflex, ObusForme and Roho, you can ensure we have everything you need to rest comfortably.

And if you’re not too sure what you want, don’t worry. Our trained experts will explain the benefits of all the different options and will even let you sample them for yourself all in our welcoming, friendly atmosphere known as Bigelow Surgical.